Academic Affairs

Registration and Credits

Students must obtain the approval of their advisor to register for classes.

Limits to Credits
Students may take up 12 course credits per semester.

Overlapping credits
In the case of overlapping course credits, only the credits received first will be acknowledged; all subsequent credits will not be acknowledged. However, courses with different titles will not be considered as overlapping, even if they do have the same course number.
Classes designated as secondary will not be considered as overlapping if they have different subtitles.

Credits from other Departments
With approval from an advisor and the head of the department, M.A. students may transfer up to 6 course credits from other departments. Up to 15 course credits may be transferred in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs combined.

Excess Course Credits
Students wishing to transfer all or part of their excess credits from the M.A. program to the Ph.D. program must hand in a written request to the TA office and obtain approval from the graduate school committee.